Rauboniai Watermill and the Wool Carding-Spinning Workshop

The building of the Raubonys water mill, a woolen carding mill-spinning mill, was built at the end of the 19th century, close to the Pasvalys-Biržai highway, in the valley of the Tatula River, right by the shore.
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Ąžuolpamūšė Mound

Ąžuolpamūšė Mound is a corner of nature of rare beauty, 1.2 km north-west of the Pasvalys-Biržai and Via Baltica intersection, drowning in the mist of oak, lime and ash trees.
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Rauboniai oak

Altitude: 32 m; Tree height: 22 m; Trunk girth (1.3 m): 5,65 m; Lajos width: 23 m; Trunk height (to branches): 5 m; Condition of the trunk: rotten, hollowed out at 5 m.
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Ensemble of wooden sculptures

40 years ago, the idea of decorating the surroundings of Pasvalys district with wood carvings was born. In 1983, folk craftsmen gathered in a creative camp and decorated the village spaces.
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Monumental stone for extinct villages

In the summer of 2017, a large gathering of the Raubonys village community unveiled the memorial stone.
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Draugystės g. 2, Raubonių k., LT-39447 Pasvalio r.

Draugystės g. 2, Raubonių k., Pasvalio r.

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