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The Raubonys village community is trying to revive the old culinary traditions of the region - the community's gaspadines are making High Styrian dumplings. In our region, they are simply called "virtieniai" and have been cooked since ancient times to feed the family or even to entertain guests. They are made according to an ancient recipe with various fillings - potatoes, cottage cheese, mushrooms and meat. Those who like a 'stronger' meal eat 'virtienius' with a sauce of fried bacon and onions, while those who are thinking of a slim figure choose a butter and sour cream sauce.

  • Dalyvių skaičius: 10–30 asm.
  • Trukmė: nuo 2 iki 3 val.
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During the educational programme "Raubonių virtieniai", participants will learn everything about this dish, learn how to make it and eat it deliciously. We invite you to taste the most delicious homemade soup, made with love, according to the recipes of local grandmothers! If you don't get enough of the "virtieniai", we will also offer you a taste of delicacies prepared according to ancient recipes, as well as the fragrant herbal tea of the Mūša arc.

In our educational sessions, you can not only have a delicious and nutritious meal, but also listen to traditional High Styrian music - the beautiful sounds of the armonica. You can chat, talk, sing and maybe even dance while you're in no hurry! For those who have eaten enough, we'll certainly offer you the chance to dive into adventure! There's also a fun and playful game waiting for you "Surask avį". All you need is a phone that can scan the QR code. After completing this active trail, you will discover what makes our region special.



Draugystės g. 7, Raubonių k., Pasvalio r.


10 Eur.

„Virtieniai“, saldumynai, žolelių arbata arba kava, muzikantai


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Draugystės g. 2, Raubonių k., LT-39447 Pasvalio r.

Draugystės g. 2, Raubonių k., Pasvalio r.

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